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Franklin TN Child Support Attorney

The Right to Be Supported

All children have a legal right to be supported by both parents. When parents who do not live with their children fail to provide the financial support they should, the children suffer. In 1975, Congress passed a law requiring states to create a child support program run by a state agency. In Tennessee the Department of Human Services (DHS) administers the child support program. The services are provided through local district attorneys, DHS staff and private agencies under contract with the state. Help is available in locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, enforcing child support orders and securing and enforcing medical support, which includes both health insurance and cash medical support.  

Families who need legal assistance to obtain child support may seek the help of a private attorney, a legal aid clinic or the state child support enforcement agency. In Tennessee, child support enforcement services are available locally through the district attorney’s office, a state DHS office, or private agencies under contract with the state. The attorneys handling child support cases through the child support office represent the State of Tennessee and not you as an individual. Their role is to establish paternity, set and enforce child support obligations as well as modification of a previous child support order.
If you have failed to pay child support and are summons to court, it's best to seek guidance through an attorney that is experienced in handling matters such as these. Should you chose to represent yourself, anything that you say to the child support attorney, will be used against you should you decide to take your case before a judge. 

Your local child support office cannot assist in resolving child custody or visitation issues, handle restraining orders, protective orders or harassment issues or divorce proceedings.
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