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Compassionate Yet Aggressive Domestic Assault Defense 

The Law Office of Sandra L. Wells takes a personalized approach to very personal issues involving in domestic violence and abuse. We want to make sure that the facts of your case are communicated correctly and effectively to the District Attorney and the Judge to ensure your rights are protected.  We are here to ensure that your Constitutional Rights are protected.  Our criminal defense attorneys will be your voice in court.

We Understand

The Law Office of Sandra L. Wells understands that domestic violence cases are both legally complex and emotionally charged. An argument between two spouses or family members can escalate into a physical fight that results in the police being called to the home. You can be rest assured that the chances are high that the accused will be arrested for domestic assault, taken to jail and be required to stay for the mandatory twelve hour cooling down period. Whether you are the victim and have filed for an Order of Protection or a defendant who has an Order of Protection pending, it's imperative that you consult with an experienced domestic assault attorney.

We are Proactive in Finding a Solution

In Tennessee, a single act or threat may be enough to get you arrested on a criminal charge for domestic violence. Violating a protective order entered in civil court may also result in an arrest, even if no force or threat was used. Our domestic assault criminal lawyers are experienced in defending you against a criminal charge of domestic assault or spousal abuse. The majority of domestic violence cases our domestic violence attorneys handle involve representing men facing serious charges. Regardless of our client's gender, we are proactive in finding a solution. We have even handled domestic violence cases where both spouses were arrested.

We Are Your Voice in Court

One should be aware that once domestic assault charges are filed, the chances of the charges being dropped because the alleged domestic assault victim has changed his or her mind are minimal. Even with a recant of the accusations, decisions are still in the hands of prosecutors who may continue to pursue charges with or without the supposed victim's cooperation.  Often times, by the time your case goes to court, the anger of the other party has subsided or their story has changed. It's important that you have someone on your side to represent your best interest.  The Law Office of Sandra L. Wells is here to be your voice in court.  

Experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer

Our experienced domestic assault lawyers can represent you in either situation. Our defense attorneys can represent you in the civil hearing with the objective of preventing the restraining order from being issued as well as the criminal hearing in hopes of getting the domestic assault charges dismissed. A protective order can have life altering consequences. It can negatively affect your child custody and visitation privileges and severely hamper your lifestyle and family relationships.

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Life Long Penalties if Convicted

The Courts in Tennessee take Domestic Abuse cases very seriously. If you are convicted for Domestic Assault, one of the life long penalties you will face is not being able to own a fire arm of any kind (not even a rifle) for the rest of your life. If you are charged with Domestic Assault, you need to speak with a qualified attorney in order to protect your rights
Protect Your Rights

Our Domestic Assault Defense Lawyers take personalized approaches to very personal issues involving domestic violence and abuse. We want to make sure that the facts of your case are communicated correctly and effectively to the District Attorney and the Judge to ensure your rights are protected.

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