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False Imprisonment

In Tennessee:

(a) A person commits the offense of false imprisonment who knowingly removes or confines another unlawfully so as to interfere substantially with the other's liberty.
(b) False imprisonment is a Class A misdemeanor.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-302

False Imprisonment can come in many forms.  It may be any threat of confinement against a person's will. Physical force is not required, it may be simply locking someone in a room or blocking a doorway not allowing a person to leave for an unreasonable amount of time. The person must have reasonably believed that they were not allowed to leave.  

Examples of False Imprisonment:
  • Locking another person in a room without their permission
  • Grabbing someone's arm so they cannot leave
  • Being detained for questioning for an unreasonable amount of time

No actual force is necessary to constitute a false imprisonment. If a man is restrained of his personal liberty by fear of a personal difficulty, that amounts to a false imprisonment.

Actual force is not necessary to constitute a false imprisonment. A man may be assaulted by being beset by another, and if he is restrained of his personal liberty by reasonable fear of a personal difficulty that amounts to a false imprisonment.

Smith v. State, 26 Tenn. 43 (1846)


When choosing a Lawyer to handle your case, courtroom experience and knowledge of the law are the two most important factors when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Our attorney's have substantial courtroom and trial experience as well as a clear understanding of the law and can exercise good judgment when it comes to deciding what to do and what defenses to assure your rights are protected and that your case is resolved promptly and appropriately.

Our lawyers in Franklin TN are compassionate and well respected within the community.  While many individuals often attempt to represent their own legal matters in a court of law, it is worth the investment to ensure you have advice and knowledge from a team of professionals that is familiar with the system and complex navigation of what is usually a confusing process. When you or a family member are facing certain legal issues, it is important that you speak with a qualified attorney in Franklin TN to learn more about your case and the options you may have before you try to resolve the matter yourself. Don't risk dramatically negative repercussions of self-representation. Trust our team of attorneys in Franklin TN to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

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