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    Why did I create these forms? To make life in the fast lane easier!

I am a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Williamson County TN at Franklin in the Criminal and General Sessions Court. All the forms are available at the Courthouse; however, many times I have already worked out a plea agreement and would like to have these Court Forms completed prior to criminal Court. Handwriting these forms is tedious, not to mention frustrating if you make an error and you have no white out! Plus, I am always looking for a way to simplify my life so I can enjoy spending my down time with my family, friends and my pets. So I sat here one Friday afternoon, finding that I needed to complete plea papers prior going out of town and it hit me….why not take the standardized Williamson County Plea Papers for Criminal Court and insert fields that populated other fields that contained the same information! It worked beautifully, looked neat and professional and was easy to edit. Once that Williamson County Guilty Plea Paper Form was complete, I worked on several others that I use on a daily basis.

I hope you find these forms 
simplify your life and you are able to find time to enjoy life!
Need Work?
Attached is a list of employers that may be willing to hire individuals with felonies. 

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