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Information on this page was gathered from various resources in order to provide users with helpful information pertain to jail time, inmate information and other valuable information relating to the housing of inmates in Williamson and Davidson County, Tennessee.

Citation Booking
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Offender Information and Services
The offender information center is available 24/7 for all calls regarding current and released offenders at all of our facilities, as well as general Davidson County Sheriff’s Office information. The offender information center can be reached by calling: (615) 862-8123.

Day Reporting Center
The Day Reporting Program is an alternative sentencing option for the court system and probation. The DRP is a licensed Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. (615) 862-8355

Jail Facilities


Bond amounts may be changed by the court. 
Please contact the Criminal Court Clerk's Office at (615) 862-5670 or visit  for the updated bond amounts.


Key Points to Remember When Funding an Account in Davidson County, Tennessee...

  • Inmate’s account balances cannot be discussed over the telephone
  • Inmates cannot release money unless to an attorney or bondsman
  • All money orders will be accepted for commissary
  • Money Orders should be mailed or dropped into the black mailbox located in the Criminal Justice Center Lobby. CJC & HDC money orders only. CDC-M, CDC-F and ORC money orders can be dropped off at those locations.

Family and friends of inmates housed in a Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) jail can deposit money into an inmate account using three easy ways. 

The “Touchpay” system allows deposits using kiosks in each jail lobby, toll free by telephone at 1-866-232-1899, or on the internet at The Davidson County Facility locator Number is 237201. Cash can be deposited directly into kiosks, or a check, check card or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) may be used. The amount deposited will appear on the inmate’s account in real time as soon as the transaction is complete.

Account is through Global Tel Link

To set up an account for a cell phone

To set up an account for a house phone


Inmate mail must be 
addressed as follows: 
                    Inmate’s name 
                    Inmate’s OCA#

                    Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

                    PO Box 196383

                    Nashville, TN 37219-6383

Items Accepted Through the Mail
  • All correspondents must be stamped and mailed through the United States Postal Service
  • Legal mail, letters, cards and Money Orders
  • Magazines, periodicals, soft back books and Bibles must be mailed directly from a commercial source such as the publisher, Internet Company or bookstore
  • Only 35mm (millimeter) pictures are allowed. (No nudity or pornographic shots will be allowed)

Items Not Accepted Through the Mail

  • Inmate to inmate mail (unless it’s an immediate family member with prior approval)
  • Items such as stamps, envelopes, papers, etc. (these items may be purchased through inmate’s commissary)
  • Hard back books or Bibles
  • No Emergency Package

To send inmates books delivered directly from a distributor such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. by FedEx or UPS, please use the following physical address:

                    Jerry Newson Center
                    710 South 5th Street
                    Nashville, TN  37206

               ***FedEx/UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box.


Davidson County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 196383
Nashville, TN 37219-6383
(615) 862-8123

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