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Whether you are charged with felony or misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and are looking for an attorney in Franklin TN, look no further than The Law Office of Sandra Wells. Our Franklin TN Criminal Defense Lawyers provide aggressive Criminal Defense representation for all major drug crimes. We understand that a conviction for simple possession or felony possession of a controlled substance can have everlasting effects on your life. Call our Franklin TN lawyers and let us be your voice in court. 
§ 39-17-418. Simple Possession; Casual Exchange

(a) It is an offense for a person to knowingly possess or casually exchange a controlled substance, unless the substance was obtained directly from, or pursuant to, a valid prescription or order of a practitioner while acting in the course of professional practice.

(b) It is an offense for a person to distribute a small amount of marijuana not in excess of one-half ( ½ ) ounce (14.175 grams).

(c) Except as provided in subsections (d) and (e), a violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

(d) A violation of subsections (a) or (b), where there is casual exchange to a minor from an adult who is at least two (2) years the minor's senior, and who knows that the person is a minor, is punished as a felony as provided in § 39-17-417.

(e) A violation under this section is a Class E felony where the person has two (2) or more prior convictions under this section.

(f)(1) In addition to the other penalties provided in this section, any person convicted of violating this section for possession of a controlled substance may be required to attend a drug offender school, if available, or may be required to perform community service work at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation or treatment center.

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(2) Any person required to attend a drug offender school pursuant to this subsection (f) shall also be required to pay a fee for attending the school. If the court determines that the person, by reason of indigency, cannot afford to pay a fee to attend the school, the court shall waive the fee and the person shall attend the school without charge.

The amount of fee shall be established by the local governmental authority operating the school, but the fee shall not exceed the fee charged for attending an alcohol safety DUI school program if such a program is available in the jurisdiction. All fees collected pursuant to this subsection (f) shall be used by the governmental authority responsible for administering the school for operation of the school.

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